Steel Sports Payment & Refund Policy

  • A processing fee of 10% of the full entry/registration fee is non-refundable once the registration has been accepted and processed (If a $300 deposit is paid on a $1000 entry fee, $100 is the processing fee)
  • All deposits and partial payments are NON-REFUNDABLE until the full entry/registration fee has been received (discounted entry fees do not apply)
  • A full refund of the entry/registration fee (minus the 10% processing fee) if the age division has not sold out and written notice is given more than 45 days before the event/camp start date
  • No Refund within 45 Days of the event/camp start date
  • Be advised that Steel Sports reserves the right to proceed with the event/camp with a minimum requirement of 3 teams in an age division, or 20 participants in each camp
  • If the event/camp does not attract the minimum team/participant requirement or if Steel Sports chooses to cancel the event/camp due to the number of teams/participants, Full Refund of the entry/registration fee will be issued (the non-refundable 10% processing fee is waived)
  • Be advised that Steel Sports reserves the right to proceed with the event/camp in inclement weather and will make all efforts to play while keeping the safety of the participants as the priority.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, Steel Sports may choose to make modifications to the format of the event/camp including but not limited to schedule changes, number of games, time limit, game time/innings and ranking/seeding metrics
  • If a team plays a minimum of 2 games (3-Game Minimum Event) or 3 Games (4-Game Minimum Event), due to circumstances out of Steel Sports control (weather, pandemic, etc), no refund will be issued
  • If a team plays a minimum of 1 game (3-Game or 4-Game Minimum Event), due to circumstances out of Steel Sports control (weather, pandemic, etc), a 50% refund of the entry/registration fee will be issued
  • If no games are played, due to circumstances out of Steel Sports control (weather, pandemic, etc), a full refund minus a 25% Administrative Fee will be issued.  The Administrative Fee will be 25% of the full entry fee, regardless of discounts that a team may have received
  • Steel Sports will make all efforts to issue refunds within 30 days of the end of an event; however, there are rare circumstances that may delay the refund process up to 90 days.

Credit Policy

  • In place of a full refund (minus the 10% processing fee or 25% Admin Fee), teams/participants may choose to accept a full 100% credit of the entry/registration fee
  • The 10% processing fee or 25% Admin Fee may be waived when credits are issued
  • Credits are good for 12 months from the date of issue
  • Credits are non-transferable. Credits issued may only be used by the individual coach, camp participant, team or club that the credit is issued to.
  • Applied credits may never be converted into a refund; however, applied credits may be reissued as credits using the refund guidelines.
  • Credits may be used for most Steel Sports events/camps.  In rare circumstances, some Steel Sports events/camps may not accept credits.

NYBC Exceptions

  • If the NYBC is canceled due to COVID-19 or a pandemic, teams will receive a 100% refund without being charged a processing or admin fee.

There are times when weather becomes a factor during a tournament. NYBC will try to adhere to the original schedule to the fullest extent possible. If the schedule needs to be adjusted or changed, Steel Sports will attempt to maintain the original tournament schedule format. However, there may be times when game times may be shortened or not played due to inclement weather. By signing up for the NYBC, you understand and agree to the factors weather may play into scheduling.

Please Note: In case of any scheduling changes, it is the team’s responsibility, not Steel Sports or the tournament committee, to make sure the team is aware of the new schedule or any schedule changes. All information will be posted online at All weather-related cancelations, delays or updates can also be found online at or by calling our office at 310-421-8093.

Updated 11/3/20