San Diego Show 12U Looking to Build Off Last Season’s Success
02 Mar

San Diego Show 12U Looking to Build Off Last Season’s Success

The San Diego Show ran through a successful 2016 season finishing as the No. 3 ranked 11U team in the country in the NYBC 25 national rankings. This year, the team is looking to build off that success and put together a great 12U season.

This weekend, the Show will be participating in the NYBC SoCal Qualifier in Orange County to try and punch its ticket to the NYBC Finals in New York. The 12U field is loaded with top teams from around the area, but the Show has to be considered one of the favorites to take home the title.

We caught up with San Diego Show head coach Luis Lorenzana before the qualifier to check in on his team.

NYBC: How did your season go last year in 11U?
San Diego Show: We had a very successful 2016 season capped off by a runner-up finish at the USSSA Elite World Series.

NYBC: You finished your season last year as the No. 3 ranked 11U team in the country in our NYBC 25 rankings. What have you done to build on your success from last season?
San Diego Show: We really don’t focus on rankings, records, championships. We actually lost a few key components from that squad who decided to part ways, but what we did was add from within our program, so we’re focusing on building off that.

NYBC: What are your team goals for 2017?
San Diego Show: Our goals are to compete every day at practice and play at the highest level. If we do that, we will get better.

NYBC: What big events are on your schedule for 2017?
San Diego Show: Every event we play in is a big event. This weekend will have some say in what we do as far as the summer. We also plan on playing in the TBS National Championships in East Cobb, Georgia.

NYBC: How would you describe your team’s playing style?
San Diego Show: Pitching and defense oriented along with timely hitting. We’re a very fundamental team who plays for 18 outs.

NYBC: What would you say sets your team apart from other 12U teams?
San Diego Show: I’m a fan of the chemistry we have. We have a great group of young men who wear our colors proudly, and a majority of them have been with our program for a few years. They trust in what we do. That goes a long way. You don’t see that too often at this age.

San Diego Show 12U
Team Roster

17        Trent Abel
19        Jared Allred
5          EJ Barnes Jr
7          Matthew Broder
14        Jacob Connelly
16        Duke Ekstrom
18        Harley Harrington
23        Bryan Martinez
34        Frankie Tarantino
57        Junior Taylor
27        Sean Trusso
36        Dean West
0          James Whitman